Russia started using its most powerful Su-57 aircraft


The latest defense intelligence update by the British Ministry of Defense revealed that the Russian Air Force has already been using its most prominent and dangerous fighters in Ukraine, since the past months.

A British intelligence report indicated that Moscow has begun deploying its modern Su-57 multi-role fighter aircraft in Ukraine, almost certainly.

The report says that since June 2022, the Russian Air Force has almost certainly used the Su-57 in Ukraine.

This is the first time that Western organizations have confirmed that the Russian Air Force used the Su-57 against Ukraine.

The Su-57, code-named “Philon” by NATO forces, is a fifth-generation Russian stealth aircraft.

According to the report, the Su-57 can fly over Russian territory, without reaching Ukraine, and attack air and ground targets with long-range missiles.

The Russian Air Force houses these aircraft at the Uhtopinsk Air Base, which is the only air base where these aircraft operate.

Russia doesn’t use the Su-57 aircraft frequently, because if it suffers heavy losses, this will greatly harm the export prospects of the Russian military industry.

On paper, it competes with the American F-35 and F-22 aircraft, but it is not known what the confrontation between it and the most advanced NATO aircraft will be, if they confront each other.

The Russian Air Force has a total of 76, Su-57 combat aircraft, and they are available upon request.

According to the manufacturer, as of December 2022, 10 fighters have been delivered so far.

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