The Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a controversial law banning sex reassignment on Monday.

People with a different gender identity can no longer undergo surgery or take prescribed hormones.

Doctors said the new law would deny citizens access to medical assistance.

Human rights activists complain about the violation of the right to self-determination.

Affected people who talk about transgender fear further exclusion, an increase in their hatred and violent attacks.

On July 14, the Russian Duma unanimously approved the law banning sex-change surgeries.

The law stipulates that people in Russia whose gender identity isn’t determined at birth are no longer allowed to undergo medical procedures or take hormones.

The law, which entered into force Tuesday, with President Vladimir Putin’s approval, has been criticized by human rights activists who say it’s a step backwards for Russian society.

Transgender and bisexual people in Russia are now facing even more discrimination, in a country already hostile to the LGBT community.

Under the law, marriages of a partner who has changed sex in the past will be annulled.

In addition, the law includes a ban on the adoption of children.

Representatives declared that they wanted to protect cultural traditions and family values ​​in the face of Western life style.

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