Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that the tour he made last week to three Arab Gulf countries was very successful and fruitful.

In a speech, he delivered on Monday evening, after chairing a government meeting at the Presidential Complex in the Turkish capital, Ankara, the Turkish president made a Gulf tour that included Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, accompanied by a large delegation of ministers, officials and businessmen between 17-19 July.

Erdoğan stressed that the Gulf tour he made with a large delegation from the business world constituted a very important step in foreign policy.

He added, “The visits we made to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE were very successful and fruitful”.

He pointed out that the five agreements signed with Saudi Arabia raised the existing cooperation between the two countries to a more advanced level.

He stressed that the visit witnessed the signing of the largest export contract for defense and aerospace products in our history in the field of the defense industry.

He continued, “We decided to crown our excellent relations with Qatar with new partnerships”.

Erdoğan indicated that the volume of trade exchange between Türkiye and the UAE amounted to $10 billion.

He stated that the UAE considered as one of Türkiye’s most important trade and economic partners in the region.

Erdoğan added, “We celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations by establishing the High-Level Strategic Council mechanism”.

Erdoğan indicated that his visit witnessed the signing of 13 agreements in various sectors, with a total value of $50.7 billion.

Erdoğan mentioned offer Turkish-made Togg cars as a gift to the leaders of the Arab Gulf countries he visited.

He expressed his happiness that the Turkish car “Togg” had obtained a full score from the leaders.

He stressed that “Togg”, which currently adorns the roads of Türkiye only, will soon appear on the roads of other countries.

He said that “TOGG” will carry the “brand of Türkiye” on roads and streets around the world, just as Turkish drones protect the airspace of dozens of countries.

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