The French President Emmanuel Macron responded on Tuesday on the Russian president speech that “the Russian economy is suffering a lot,” adding that he didn’t believe the official statistics announced by Moscow, which he considered it a “Propaganda”.

In response to a question, on the sidelines of a visit to the Rungis market near Paris, about the official figures for the decline in the Russian gross domestic product by 2.1% in the year 2022, the French president said, “They’re the ones who say that the output decreased by 2%… I think it’s much more than that”.

“They make some money from the gas they sell, but the rest of the economy is suffering a lot,” Macron added.

Therefore, I don’t believe these numbers at all”.

He said Russian statistics were propaganda… Russia is no longer a free democratic country with an independent statistical institute.

According to figures issued by the Russian Statistical Agency, Rosstat, on Monday, Russia’s gross domestic product will decline by 2.1% in 2022.

On the other hand, Macron stressed that hundreds of thousands of young people… left so as not to be called to enlist in the ranks of the army, and that the Russians lost many opportunities in economic terms.

It should be noted that Western countries imposed economic sanctions on Moscow against the backdrop of the military operation it launched in Ukraine a year ago.

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