Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that Russia has suspended its participation in the Russian-US New START treaty on nuclear disarmament.

In an hour-and-45-minute address to the nation that recalls the Cold War for its anti-Western vitriol, Putin also vowed to methodically continue his military offensive in Ukraine.

Putin stressed that the West wants to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, that is, to eliminate us completely, blaming Washington and its European allies for the responsibility for fueling the Ukrainian conflict and falling its victims.

Putin’s speech had a great impact, especially since he announced the suspension of Moscow’s participation in the latest arms control treaty between the two largest nuclear states in the world, Russia and the United States, and threatened to conduct new nuclear tests if Washington did so first.

“They want to inflict a strategic defeat on us, to attack our nuclear sites, and for this reason it is my duty to announce that Russia will suspend its participation in the New START treaty,” the Russian president said.

This agreement, signed in 2010, is the last bilateral agreement of its kind that binds the two powers.

At the beginning of August, Russia announced the suspension of the planned US inspections at its military sites within the framework of the agreement, stressing that this step came in response to US obstacles to Russian inspections in the United States.

Putin called on Russian forces to be ready to conduct nuclear weapons tests if the United States did so first.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that Russia’s decision to suspend the nuclear arms reduction treaty with Washington was extremely regrettable and irresponsible, but stressed that the United States was still ready for dialogue on this issue.

France stressed that the New Start Treaty constitutes a basic agreement for strategic stability, while London stressed that arms control is vital for security, while the Secretary-General of NATO regretted the Russian decision.

After Putin confirmed that his goal was to ensure Russia’s security, he pledged to achieve the objectives of this attack “step by step, carefully and systematically, although the Russian forces had suffered a series of military setbacks in recent months.

Commenting on the international sanctions imposed on his country, Putin considered that the West hasn’t achieved anything and won’t achieve anything, considering that the Russian economy has shown more resistance than expected.

Pointing to the possible worsening of domestic repression that would accompany a military offensive, Putin said that “those who chose to betray Russia must be held accountable before the law”.

Putin repeated his words condemning the immorality of the United States and Europe, accusing Western countries of adopting deviation and mistreatment of children, leading to sexual abuse of them as a standard.

Putin also criticized the West for encouraging the culture and lifestyle of homosexuality, noting that religions affirm that human life means a man’s bond with a woman.

Even before Putin’s speech ended, the White House denounced the absurdity of anti-Western rhetoric.

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