Putin gets angered of the deputy prime minister


A video circulated in the media, Thursday, documented the moment of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anger in the face of his deputy prime minister, Denis Manturov.

During a video conference, the Russian president appeared listening to Manturov’s remarks, before he got emotional in his face.

The Russian president’s reaction came when Manturov publicly corrected Putin after he complained that some companies hadn’t yet secured contracts to build new aircraft this year.

Manturov indicated that the task has become very difficult due to Western sanctions that cut off many imports from Moscow, due to the Russian-Ukrainian war that began on February 24.

Footage from the meeting shows that Manturov quickly replied that “investment projects were underway”.

However, Putin interrupted him, saying it “took a long time… There are no orders in some institutions even for this year, 2023”.

Once again Manturov corrected him and said that “all companies had orders for this year, and the Ministry of Defense confirmed the number”.

“The managers told me there are really no contracts, and you say everything is fine,” Putin asserted.

Then Putin told him: “Why are you playing the role of a fool?”

Putin demanded that he terminate the contracts within a month.

During the meeting, Putin announced that all problems related to the military operation in Ukraine will be resolved soon.

“None of what our enemy expected happened for us, of course, thanks primarily to the citizens of Russia, their composure, and our readiness for all challenges and work in difficult conditions,” The Russian president said.

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