Prigozhin: Wagner will recruit fighters if Putin needs that and our forces will continue their activities in Africa


After asking his members last week to prepare for a new trip to Africa, the commander of the Russian private military Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said that his forces will continue their activities in Africa.

He added, in an audio recording on Telegram, that work is continuing in training centers in Belarus.

Prigozhin added that Wagner might take a decision to recruit fighters again if Russia needed it.

Despite this, Prigozhin indicated that he had enough fighters, and he didn’t need to recruit new recruits.

This came at a time when the Director of the Second Department of the Commonwealth of Independent States in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexei Polichuk, revealed that a ratification process is taking place on a Russian-Belarusian agreement on the establishment of combat training centers for military personnel of all types of forces.

Regarding Africa, Wagner announced the arrival of hundreds of its fighters last week to the Central African Republic, with the aim of ensuring security.

It’s noteworthy that the second Russia-Africa summit (July 27 and 28) that was held last Thursday at the Russian city of Petersburg, comes to strength strategic relations between Russia and African countries and raising them to a new level.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner grabbed the limelight at the summit after a picture of him on social media accompanied by a representative of Central Africa.

This isn’t Prigozhin’s first visit to St. Petersburg after the alleged rebellion incident last June, as the man visited the city in early July.

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