US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with the US channel “Telemondo” that the United States plans to change power not only in Venezuela, but also in Nicaragua and Cuba.

Pompeo confirmed during the interview that Washington intends to fight the non-democratic regimes in Nicaragua and Cuba.

Pompeo said in the interview “We recognize that the governments of these countries are brutally dealing with their people.

They pose a real threat to security and to the individual and deprive them of their fundamental freedoms according to his claim”.

He stressed that the administration of President Donald Trump is working to ensure positive results not only in Venezuela, but also in each of these countries.

On 23 January, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself acting president.

The United States and France, along with Germany, Spain, Britain and the Netherlands, officially recognized Guido as acting president until elections were held, while Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Mexico and Bolivia, along with other countries supported Maduro’s legitimacy.

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