Russia’s ambassador to Poland told spoke to Russian media as he said that Polish prosecutors have confiscated huge sums of money from frozen bank accounts belonging to the Russian embassy and the trade mission.

Envoy Sergei Adreev added in his remarks on Wednesday that the polish action was a flagrant violation of the Vienna Treaty on Diplomatic Relations.

Poland froze bank accounts shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, arguing they could be used for money laundering or financing terrorism.

“We received a notification from the Prosecutor’s Office that funds from the accounts of the Embassy and the Commercial Mission at Santander Bank were transferred to the accounts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” Adreev said.

Adreev explained that the accounts contained huge sums of US dollars and Polish zlotys.

A spokesman for the Polish Prosecutor General’s Office, Lukasz Lapczynski, said he would respond on Thursday.

Poland emerged as one of the most supportive countries of Kiev and played an important role in persuading the allies to provide it with heavy weapons.

In March 2022, Poland said it would expel 45 Russian diplomats suspected of working for intelligence services.

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