Germany adopted a law an unprecedented regulates the integration of refugees and their rights and duties of the process, after the arrival of a record number of them into the country last year.

The text adopted by the House of Representatives, to be approved by the Senate Friday, is the first of its kind in the state remained undecided a long time to put itself as a country migration.

The outlines of this well-known law since the end of April. Among the measures to be adopted by the authorities from now on, to identify sites for the establishment of recognized asylum seekers, with a view to their distribution on German territory better and prevent the emergence of a marginalized neighborhoods. In case of violation of this law, asylum-seekers are exposed to penalties.

Berlin will not be granted the right to permanent residence for refugees who do not make sufficient efforts to integrate into the community, and especially to learn German.

The law states that «language learning is essential also for the establishment of a temporary» in this country.

The law also includes a section dedicated to the work of the refugees in order to facilitate the employment process. Until now it was not possible for asylum seekers to get a job, but if it does not apply to any German citizen or from the EU. However, the ban will be lifted for three years.

The refugees will be granted a residence permit trainees until the expiration of the trains, so they can find work. She warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently that «cut his training loses his residence, and thus the right to stay in Germany.»

This new text on the approved merger defies political tradition in a country where the Conservatives refused for a long time to accept that Germany is the land of immigration, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Turks since the fifties of the last century they live in «guest workers».

But the irony is that the conservative Merkel, which opened the way for change by opening the doors to migrants 2015 policy.

Since then, Germany tightened its policy towards them and resulted in the closure of «Balkan route» to limit the flow of refugees coming to Germany.

And it fueled the arrival of a record number of immigrants fears among the public, which would benefit from the populist right in particular.

He showed an investigation conducted by the University of Bielefeld and published on Thursday, that the Germans are less positive than the previous look at the issue of the arrival of refugees.

Believes the majority of them (55%) that the asylum seekers to return home once the situation improves in which, at the time said 36% of them that the flow of refugees «threat» to the future of Germany.

In addition, the federal government and regional councils finally reached an agreement on the distribution of the arrival of about a million immigrants into the country costs in 2015, according to sources close to the negotiations confirmed the agency «AFP».

And asking local authorities weeks of Berlin since it provides funding level of 8 billion euros a year to cover expenses provide for refugees, which was rejected by the Ministry of Finance yet. (AFP)

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