Poll showed an interview conducted by the German Press Agency (DPA), an increase in the number of Britons living in Germany who are interested in obtaining citizenship. The poll, which was conducted in large German cities, the relevant bodies recorded increase since the days in the number of applications for German citizenship on the part of the British Resident in Germany.

A spokeswoman for the body concerned to grant citizenship in the city of Stuttgart, for example, on Monday (the fourth of July 2016), the Authority The phones did not stop ringing. She continued, saying: «There were more than 50 inquiries from British nationals to get citizenship,» and confirmed that he was the first to grant citizenship applications receiving already from British subjects.

According to the Federal Office of Statistics data, it was recorded about 106 thousand people descended from the United Kingdom, which includes (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) live in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2016.

The German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel had proposed that Germany has been sexually on young Britons who live there, given that older voters are the ones who voted to support their country’s exit from the European Union.

«Let’s show that the young Britons who live in Germany, Italy and France, so that they remain citizens of the European Union.» He added that the thinking in Germany has to offer for British expatriates young people could have pointed out that the Social Democratic Party has always been a supporter of the permit to carry dual citizenship. As the opposition Greens party, also called for the British to facilitate living in Germany on a German passport.

It is noteworthy that Britain voted to endorse the withdrawal by 52 percent compared to 48 percent rejection of him causing several divisions in the country, such as the elderly and young people against the England and Wales compared to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Gabriel said the SPD party congress, led by «For this reason we must not go back and cut the lines on them».


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