Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed Sunday evening his country’s determination to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

During a tour of the exhibition of advanced means and capabilities in the fields of defense and attack, Netanyahu said, “I am here on a visit to the headquarters of the Aerospace Industries, where I get a great impression from the defensive means and offensive means that we are developing here”.

He added, “Israel’s firm objection to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons contributed to the return to the original agreement in the American decision to refrain from doing so, and we have made it clear to our American friends that limited consensus is unacceptable to us either.

In any case, as I have made it clear to them and made clear to the world, and I will make it clear here again; we will do everything necessary to defend ourselves by ourselves in the face of any threat whatsoever.

The Israeli Prime Minister announced earlier that his government opposes any limited understandings or a mini-deal with Iran regarding its nuclear program.

Netanyahu said, during the cabinet session that Israel is working to prevent Iran’s nuclear armament, and opposes the agreement that international powers reached with it in this regard in 2015, stressing that Israel’s position in this regard contributed to not returning to that agreement.

On Saturday, the Israeli National Security Adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi, confirmed that Tel Aviv doesn’t see the upcoming deal between Iran and the United States as a real danger.

In an interview with Israel Hayom (Israel Today) newspaper, Hanegbi said, “The United States doesn’t work for us; when interests’ conflict, we shouldn’t expect the United States to automatically support us in all cases.

He added that enrichment of more than 60% would be a clear statement that uranium enrichment is for weapons purposes… In fact, this didn’t allow them to collect materials”.

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