NATO: Ukraine uses more ammunition than the alliance produces


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday that the Ukrainian army consumes much more ammunition than those produced by member states.

This came during a press conference on the eve of a meeting of defense ministers of NATO countries to discuss military support for Ukraine, to be held in the Belgian capital, Brussels, and to last for two days.

Stoltenberg explained that NATO has begun to take measures to increase production in the short and medium term.

Stoltenberg added, “The current pace of munitions use in Ukraine is much greater than our current pace of production,” warning that this situation exposes the defense industries of NATO countries to pressure.

Stoltenberg stressed that the current situation of the war in Ukraine is a challenge, pointing out that the large use of ammunition is a problem.

It’s noteworthy that the issue of the increasing use of weapons and ammunition will be on the table for discussion, during the meetings of NATO defense ministers, tomorrow in Brussels, with the close to one year since the start of the Russian invasion against Ukraine last February.

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