The US Embassy in Russia issued warning to US citizens in Russia to leave immediately


As the war in Ukraine is still ongoing, and as of fears of forcing US citizens in Russia to be forced to be recruited into the army and being subjected of targeting and harassment, the US Embassy in Moscow warned on Monday that Americans in Russia or those who are planning to travel there that they may be drafted into the army.

The new travel advisory said the Kremlin could subject US citizens with dual Russian citizenship to mobilization or prohibition from leaving Russia or conscription.

The warning blames the unpredictable consequences of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine with fears of being more escalating.

According to the US Embassy and US Consulates in Russia, “US citizens in Russia are at risk of being targeted for harassment, detention, and arbitrary enforcement of domestic law”.

The warning read: “If you wish to leave Russia, you must make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible”.

Officials said Americans in Russia may find their credit and debit cards no longer work, and there are also reports of liquidity shortages.

The warning also stated that terrorists may attack and target without warning tourist sites, transportation hubs and systems, markets, shopping malls, local government facilities, hotels, clubs and restaurants, places of worship, parks, major sporting and cultural events, educational institutions, airports and other public areas.

The US embassy indicated that the Russian security services arrested US citizens on fabricated charges, and advised its citizens not to participate in the protests.

Warning was extended to individuals who perform volunteer work or represent religious organizations.

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