My Fellow Americans: if you don’t want to see your flag (Picture above) arriving to the rest of your homes, get your troops out of Syria immediately

By: Caucasus Patriot


The title above is not a threat, who am I to threat the Supper power of US of A that only Natural disasters can down it on its knees.

It’s just an devise & a horoscope, if you like to call it to what will happened very soon, if…

I was stopped with the recent visit of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican of South Carolina) to northern Syria to the city of Manbij.

I couldn’t stop laughing my head’s off when I heard what he said: “I will tell President Trump that it’s important that we stay here (in Syria) to help you (Kurds SDF, majority is YPG, PKK) which they are so close to Turkey.

Well not exactly, Turkey would love to burn them alive if they manage to.

After I forced myself to stop laughing of Senator Graham words, I start to say to myself, he just another idiot from the South, a retired US military officer who took his path in political circuit after taking his military uniform off, following traditions of old US political statements (an expired product).

People like Graham still living in the world of Vietnam era, or probably Iraq invasion.

Despite that the US got humiliated in Vietnam & there is no honor even what so ever to the US actions in Iraq, Syria & despite what took place during this past seven years in Syria, it’s very important that to remind how’s real aware of the world today that Syria is not Iraq & it’s by far worse than Vietnam in terms of the fate that all foreign troops through history tried to occupy Syria.

Nonetheless, the fate that the US & French troops faced in Lebanon in 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, when 58 French paratroopers & 241 US Marines killed in the attack.

Before I continue this article, I want to promise my entire Americans, it will happen again in Syria to your troops.

Think wise & just don’t pay attention to such Graham & McCain.

Those people are living in different world that we all live in, I’m positive that Trump despite his reputation as a crazy or a guy who’s doing nonsense, grabbing women by the P@&*, looking for building a wall with Mexico & following up some horrible immigration laws & separating families etc…

I still think & I’ve a faith in him to never subject US soldiers to unnecessarily fatalities.

There are certain things that are related to geopolitical & even financial that will prevent the United States to keep its troops in Syria.

The fresh news about the summit in the Finnish capital Helsinki, med July, probably on the 15th of July between US presidents Donald Trump & his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, with information that are talking about a certain deal will be agreed on.

Later the National Security Adviser John Bolton stated that US are concerns only is Iran, and Syrian president Assad remain in power or not is not a strategic matter to the US policy.

The situation in northern Syria, that has US & some other Western troops such as British, French & Italians, doing certain duties, with guaranteed withdrawal very soon, despite a possibility of them being subjected to attacks.

For once let the US leaders think about the lives of their people, stop sending them in uniform to die for nothing, really & every reason they gave to public in order to justifies their existence in foreign lands & the cause of their death & the injuries that will last with them until they die someday, with them seeing images while they sleeping to what they faced & wake up to tell their loved ones, what a horrible nightmare they saw.

My fellow Americans, no one in your government really care about your children & after all these years you all must be accepting this fact by now.

The ordinary people in Western societies, especially in the United States where there is a lack of awareness and public culture, with most Americans don’t know the location of Syria on the map for example  they don’t even knows things that inside the United States itself.

They don’t realize the scale of disasters that their implanted democratically elected politicians are getting them into & without any fruitful gain, with more Triangle Shape US flags keep arriving to US homes since the US invasion of Afghanistan after the 9/11 inside job, yes, it’s an inside job, so please enough accusing people in caves of breaking through US security & hijacking planes, entering with it through buildings!

Please get a life already…..

Why the American people want to see the same image that used to happen before with the previous US military adventures in the world, such as Vietnam, Somalia, Korea etc.., to keep on.

For me, despite everything that is around Trump, with his bizarre things that he’s saying or doing, he still using a businessman gain/lose methods of dealing with many issues, with not forget the fact that it’s not the US president who call the shot here.

No there are another government sort of speak that doing preparing everything.

Those politicians are nothing but puppets to fill the air of the Media & do some shows & paperwork’s.

I don’t care about things that affect the US domestic issues, such as gun control, tax cuts, health care, creating jobs for American without sending them in US army uniform to fight & die overseas for absolutely nothing.

I don’t care about the usual American demonizing Russia, because these things had become an American tradition & heritage that is impossible to change.

All these things that concerning the American & due to the inability of the US government to find solutions for all these issues, they are simply creating a bigger problem outside the US, and force the entire world to deal with it & its consequences.

The current economic war with US, Canada, Mexico & the EU proved the mentality of how Trump is dealing with issues.

There are no friends & no allies when it comes to businessmen mindset & I totally accept the only exception that also will never ever change & that is Israel position to the US.

Being a realistic person understands the existence of rules that are connected to much more complex matters than politics, which is control the relations between Israel & most of the countries around the world, US, the west in general & even Russia.

Moving on & back to our Senator that he got balls to visit Northern Syria & give promises to people that have no clues about what is really & usually taking place in the international policy theater.

Promises that, I personally can stand & look Senator Graham in the eyes & tell him, it will not be kept & fulfilled.

Before I end, I want to give fast & short history lesson without going much into details, that the city of Manbij, where Senator Graham along with Maj. Gen. Jarrard visited & met with whom they met.

I’ll tell you this Senator Graham, you’ll not be able to help anyone, even your poor troops when they will be stuck in hell from every sides, when the Syrian government supporters, Turks even Kurds & Arab tribes with some few Circassians are still in Manbij when they all start taking out your troops one by one.

The only thing that you can promise your American people who brought you as the US Democracy told us, to house of the Senate, that the US triangle Flag will keep flowing to the families back home in the US & for what?

Go & say to Trump whatever you want, because your troops with other western troops will leave Syria very soon.

By one way or another, the US troops must leave Syria, before they face what usually the US face everywhere the put their troops in.

This is the only promise that can be kept & fulfilled.

One last thing, since when the United States helped anybody, we all knows how the United State usually offer helps.

I think I do understand English & American English to be more specific; perhaps the word “help” has different definition in some people such as our Senator Lindsey Graham of the confederate south.

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