The Liberation of Idlib is the end of the Syrian war

The province of Idlib and its countryside is a state of anticipation mixed with fear and confusion among the dominant armed groups there, foremost of which are terrorist organizations of HTS (Al Nusra Front) and ISIS.

On the ground, there is evidence of the accuracy of the perceptions of the two organizations, amid information that talks about the imminent start of the Syrian army for a large-scale military operation after the completion of the battle of Daraa in the south of the country.

A senior military source told Russian Sputnik new agency about the military scene expected in Idlib province, noting that the Syrian leadership has decided to liberate the entire Syrian territory from terrorism.

Idlib is considered the key to ending the eight-year war.

The source stressed that “the military option is at the current stage and that the Syrian army has the power to enable it to liberate the province of Idlib in full.”

In response to the threats of the armed factions in Idlib after promising attacks on the positions of the Syrian army, the source told “Sputnik” that the positions of the Syrian army in the south-eastern Idlib countryside and Hama, the full readiness and readiness for all options.

The source addressed the recent attack by the militants of the HTS (Al Nusra Front) and “Guardians of Religion”, which is still being sold to Al Qaeda, towards the positions of the Syrian army in rural Lattakia, pointing out that “the option of hell”, and added to “Sputnik” The attack chose to open a “fire of hell” on them.

“In the next few days you will see a response that no one will expect”, the source told the gunmen.

“Terrorist groups have pushed themselves to commit suicide”.

In Idlib, armed factions are still suffering from fighting between them for about 8 months, which resulted in the killing and wounding about 8 thousand militant, mostly belonging to the HTS (Al Nusra Front).

And this fighting took a different direction after the declaration of the organization “calling” terrorist public presence in the city and its countryside through a series of assassinations and bombings, which sought to target the cadres of competition, including a large number of leaders.

He also called for a public outcry in the province of Idlib.

He also called for an angry popular anger in the region to reject the plans of the armed terrorist organizations in the region and stand up to them, as happened a few days ago, especially in the town of Kafr Nabotha in the northern countryside of Hama From their homes to declare the northern Hama countryside a military zone, which was met with the absolute rejection of the residents, and the request of the organization not to use the territory of their town to launch any attacks against the Syrian army.

In light of these rapid events, field observers say that the coming days will be pivotal to the war in Syria, especially if the Syrian army opened the Battle of Idlib in the north, regardless of the appropriate fronts to be adopted for that.

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