The Moroccan Ministry of the Interior announced on Monday that the death toll from the devastating earthquake that struck various areas of the country last Friday night had risen to 2,862 deaths and 2,501 injured.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry said in a statement, that the number of deaths as a result of the earthquake in al Haouz province reached 2,862 people, 2,530 of whom were buried, or 94% of them, and the number of wounded reached 2,501 people.

The statement explained that the number of deaths reached 1,591 in the al Haouz province, and 809 in the Taroudant province.

Moroccan rescuers are racing against time, with the support of foreign teams, to find survivors and provide assistance to hundreds of displaced people, whose homes were destroyed following the devastating earthquake.

For its part, the Moroccan Ministry of Education announced that 530 educational institutions and 55 boarding schools were damaged as a result of the earthquake.

The Moroccan Ministry of Education indicated that it had developed appropriate educational solutions in order to ensure the continuation of education in the areas affected by the earthquake.

Following the earthquake, the Moroccan King Mohammed VI, issued directives regarding taking urgent measures in response to the state of emergency resulting from the earthquake, including declaring national mourning for 3 days and forming a ministerial committee to provide assistance in rebuilding destroyed homes.

Moroccan media broadcast scenes showing the transfer of victims of the devastating al Haouz earthquake to medical facilities by military aircraft belonging to the Moroccan army.

In the same context, media sources reported, Monday evening, that three Algerian military planes loaded with humanitarian aid were preparing to take off from Boufarik Military Airport, towards Morocco.

Algeria allocated 3 planes, two of which were to transport medicines, mattresses, and aid, and one to transport civil protection equipment.

The Algerian aid includes blankets, tents, medicines, and rescue equipment, and civil protection intervention team consists of 80 specialized experts.

The same sources confirmed that the Algerian team also includes a cynotechnical team specialized in searching the rubble, in addition to a search and relief team, and a medical team.

The decision of the Algerian authorities to send support came after the Moroccan Minister of Justice accepted the Algerian aid.

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