Military Watch: Washington is unwilling to help Ukraine because of its heavy losses and the failure of its counterattack


Western media said that the United States is unwilling to help Ukraine because of the heavy losses inflicted on Western military equipment and the failure of the Ukrainian army in its counterattack.

Military Watch magazine wrote that the scale of the losses Ukraine faced and the widely recognized failure of its offensive operations played an important role in strengthening opposition in the United States to providing more weapons or funding for the war effort on behalf of Kiev.

Military Watch magazine pointed out that cutting off aid may undermine not only Kiev’s ability to support military operations, but also the Ukrainian state’s ability to perform even the simplest tasks.

In addition, there are fears in the United States that the reputation of the best US M1 Abrams tank could be significantly affected after the Russian army destroyed the best Western tanks received by Kiev, which prompted the United States to put pressure on Ukraine to prevent sending Western tanks and armor to the front lines.

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