Military Watch: Ukraine has lost the Ghost of Kiev in shameful fashion


Military Watch confirmed that the Kiev regime lost 3 of its best and most famous pilots without a fight, but rather due to a collision of training aircraft, which reduces the number of the few pilots of the Ukrainian Air force.

The Military Watch questioned the Ukrainian version, saying that the pilots were killed in a battle, not in a collision of two training planes, but the story of the accident was published in order to mitigate the shock event that the news might cause for the Ukrainian fighters.

The Military Watch noted that among the dead was Major Andrei Pilshikov, nicknamed “Juice” the most famous pilot in Ukraine, who became the representative of Ukrainian military aviation to the West.

Pilshikov coordinated fundraising for the Ukrainian Air Force, where in the summer of 2022 he delivered a speech to the US Congress demanding that Kiev be given F16 fighters jets.

The Military Watch indicated that the pilot worked as part of the alleged air unit called “Ghost Kiev”, the 40th Tactical Aviation Division, which Ukrainian and Western media reported had lost a large number of its pilots in the face of Russian forces in the first weeks of the counterattack, on Despite the stories launched by Kiev with the aim of boosting the morale of the fighters, which turned out to be false and didn’t achieve any noticeable air victories.

Last Saturday morning, Ukrainian media reported that two Ukrainian Air Force L-39 training planes collided in Zhytomyr district, killing three of its pilots.

A Ukrainian media, quoting its own sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported that during the evening of Friday, two L-39 training planes collided in the Zhytomyr region, killing three pilots.

Among the dead was a pilot of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major Andrei Pilshikov, who served as a pilot on the MiG-29 fighter jet.

The Ukrainian pilot had intended to receive training on F16 aircraft in Western countries.

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