Members of EU parliamentary delegation visited Aleppo

Member of the EU Parliament and head of the European parliamentary delegation, which visited Aleppo on Monday, Udo Voigt, stressed that the main objective of this visit is to inspect the reality of current events in Syria and to convey the real image to the people of the European countries since they don’t trust the western media anymore.

In a statement to the Syrian news agency SANA, Voigt said that the fierce terrorist war waged on Syria with the aim of destroying the country is backed by major powers like the US, France and Britain, in addition to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Israeli entity.

Voigt congratulated the Syrian people on their steadfastness and victory against terrorism, hailing the ongoing rehabilitation efforts to rebuild damaged buildings in Aleppo which stress the strong will of the Syrian people.

For his part, Head of the Belgian party Nation Herve Van Laethem, who is visiting Syria for the third time, said that the suffering of the Syrian people is caused by the terrorist crimes perpetrated by ISIS and Al Nusra front terrorist organizations.

The head of the Belgian party nation pointed to the size of the media misinformation practiced by the Western media on many issues, especially the war on Syria, stressing that this majestic media practiced lying and misleading because it follows the curricula and plans behind the United States and Zionist world.

Van Laethem called for supporting Syria and standing by its people since the country is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world.

Van Laethem noted to the big propaganda and misleading campaigns led by western media, especially in regard to the war on Syria.

The delegation members met Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab who presented a review on the ancient history of city and its economic significance and the systematic destruction it witnessed due to terrorism as well as the efforts exerted to push the wheels of reconstruction.

Croatian Parliament speaker Ziyego Glassnovik paid tribute to the Syrian Arab army for its performance in the face of terrorism and the protection of this region and the cultural heritage of Syria in general and Aleppo in particular.

He pointed out that their efforts are continuing to lift the European sanctions imposed on Syria because they have a significant and direct impact on the Syrian people.

Antoine Kassis, head of the Syrian Community Association in Belgium, said: «This is his fifth visit to Syria during the years of the terrorist war.

Every visit there was the participation of a number of friendly European figures who came to know the reality of the events taking place to their people.

Far from what is promoted and broadcast by malicious media».

He added that «everyone is now aware of the terrorist attack on Syria and that he is visiting Syria to emphasize full solidarity with his country Syria and to discuss the possibility of providing possible support in the cultural, developmental and charitable fields».

As it mentioned, the European parliamentary delegation started its visit to Aleppo with a meeting with the Governor Hussein Diab, who briefed them on the city historically, economically and socially, and the systematic destruction it has suffered because of the terrorism it has targeted over the past years, reviewing efforts exerted for reconstruction and reconstruction.

The delegation also met with Archbishop Antoine Udo, head of the Chaldean community in Syria.

They also visited the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch.

They also met with Aleppo University President Dr. Mustafa Afioni and Aleppo University Hospital Director Dr. Ibrahim Hadid.

The delegation also visited the old city, the Umayyad Mosque and the Aleppo Citadel and was briefed on the extent of the great destruction caused by terrorism and the efforts exerted to restore it.

A number of members of the People’s Assembly participated in the visit.
The delegation includes European Parliamentarian Udo Voigt, President of the Association of the Syrian Community in Belgium Antoine Kassis, President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom in Belgium Robert Fiori, President of the Belgian Nation Party Nation Herve Van Laethem, Slovak Parliament Speaker of the Slovak Party Marianne Koteleva, Croatian Parliamentarian Zyggo Glasnovik and Slovakian Parliamentarian Jan Moran.

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