According to media reports, that a secret meeting took place between representatives from the United States and Iran, to discuss avoiding conflict in the region.

The toll of the recent bombing on al Bukamal in Deir al Zour, which took place in the Swiss capital, Geneva.

After a US proposal, he arrived in Tehran via several neighboring Arab countries.

The United States called on Iran to instruct the factions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen to stop their operations against the US forces in Syria and Iraq, as well as against Israel, and the US side stressed that the administration of President Joe Biden doesn’t want to expand the war the region, and is also working to restrain Israel.

The continuation of the situation as it is carries high risks, and will inevitably lead to a collision that could drag the two sides into a war with undesirable consequences.

As for the Iranian side, it renewed its statement not to stand before the peoples of the region and their demands regarding the Palestinian issue, and demanded that Washington not hold Iran responsible for any attack its exposed to in the region, and that the recent attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria are a reaction to the Gaza war.

According to US officials, Iran cannot in any way provide any guarantees that US forces or interests won’t be subjected to any attack.

The Iranian side warned Washington that the Israelis want to drag the US into a war with Iran and the axis of resistance in the region, and it also considered that the Israelis’ continued escalation and provocation will lead the party to a painful response that may lead to war.

The two sides decided to open a direct security communication line between them, to avoid any mistake that could lead to a collision that could lead to war.

The past few days have witnessed an increase in attacks against American military bases in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, which were met with a US response by bombing sites belonging to Iranian factions.

Under the name “Islamic Resistance in Iraq,” these factions constantly announce their strikes, which are mostly carried out with one-directional marches and missiles, as the Pentagon announced earlier.

Last Monday, the Pentagon announced the bombing of Iranian Revolutionary Guard sites in eastern Syria, in response to the continuing attacks on its bases in the region.

Reuters quoted a US official on Wednesday as saying that the US bombing against armed factions linked to Iran in al bukamal, eastern Syria, resulted in the deaths of up to seven people.

The US official said that people were killed during one of the raids on a training facility near the city of al Bukamal in Deir al Zour countryside.

He added, “The second strike, which the Pentagon says was carried out on a safe house near the Syrian city of al Mayadeen, may have led to the death of another person”.

It worth mentioning that, the New York Times reported last Monday that Biden had rejected the more aggressive bombing options proposed by the Pentagon in recent weeks for fear of provoking a broader conflict with Iran.

The New York Times added that Biden faced great criticism from Republicans in the US Congress, who considered that the White House’s limited response only led to more frequent and more dangerous attacks against US forces in the region.

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