The 6 Israeli conditions that hinder the hostage deal


A statement by an Israeli political analyst reveals Israel’s red lines that considered non-negotiable in any agreement regarding the exchange of prisoners with the Palestinian factions.

After more than 40 days of battles between the two sides, no progress was achieved on the issue of liberating the prisoners.

Regarding Israel’s policy towards Israelis detained in the Gaza Strip, Israeli political analyst Shlomo Ganor points out that any decision taken in this context is subject to consideration by the Military Council and may reach the Knesset for a vote based on the recommendations of a committee formed after the release of Gilad Shalit in 2011.

At the moment there are 239 prisoners captured by the Palestinians, during the October 7 attack.

Hamas requires their release in exchange for the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The disagreement over the duration of the ceasefire, as Hamas wants 5 days while Israel wants 3 days, with the possibility of agreeing on 4 days.

Hamas’ commitment to the agreement and not to release any prisoner who committed lethal acts.

Ganor sets out the red lines that Israel won’t abandon, including the release of all detainees in the Gaza Strip, not excluding soldiers who were captured during operations, and the conditions for proving good faith through a first deal with a large number of hostages.

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