Macron: it’s not possible under any circumstances to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine in the coming weeks


The French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday night that the fighter jets demanded by Ukraine cannot under any circumstances be delivered in the coming weeks, stressing that he prefers more useful weapons and that their delivery be in an appropriate and faster manner”.

After a European summit in the presence of his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, Macron spoke about the issue of delivering fighter jets to Ukraine, saying, “I don’t rule anything out at all, but this doesn’t correspond to today’s needs”.

Throughout his European tour on Wednesday and Thursday, Ukraine’s president insisted his country needed fighter jets to end the Russian-led war.

Macron stressed that his very deep and very precise discussion with Zelensky on Wednesday in Paris showed that the priority is to do everything to help Ukraine resistance in the coming weeks, and to carry out useful operations during the spring and summer period if we later want to take parallel diplomat action”.

“We discussed especially the military strategy and the diplomatic strategy,” he added, referring to his dinner with the Ukrainian President at the Elysee, which was also attended by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“It’s not possible under any circumstances to deliver fighters in the coming weeks, because there are deadlines for training and delivery… Regarding fighter jets that the Ukrainian pilots are ignorant of,” Macron added.

He also said, “It’s necessary for the allies to give preference to the most useful equipment and whose delivery is in the form of faster, that the Caesar guns and the MAMBA medium-range air defense system provided by France meet these criteria”.

Macron believed that it should perhaps intensify the delivery of artillery pieces that allow launching ground attacks, promising to work on that in the coming days.

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