Leaders of the Islamic State (ISIS) managed to escape this evening Sunday from a prison for ISIS operatives in Al Hasakah province, northeastern Syria, during an attempt to rebel inside the prison.

Sources in Al Hasakah Governorate told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa: “4 of the organization’s ability managed to escape from the Industrial Secondary Prison, southeast of Al Hasakah, which is controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) after a rebellion by more than a thousand prisoners Elements of regulation”.

The sources confirmed that “Special forces of the SDF forces, with the support and support of international coalition aircraft, cordoned off the area and began a campaign of raid and search of the area to search for deserters who may have reached Al Shaddadi area, southeast of Al Hasakah governorate.

Also, killed and injured members of the organization during the storming of the prison, and cars were seen ambulance is heading to the area”.

There are several prisons in Al Hasakah governorate that include thousands of ISIS members belonging to more than 50 nationalities.

The largest of these prisons is Ghweran prison, which is most of the ISIS operatives and is under the control of the American forces, in addition to a number of prisons in the Qamishli and Al Malikiyah area designated for ISIS operatives who surrendered a year ago In the Al Baghouz area, east of Deir Al Zour Governorate, east of the Syrian-Iraqi border.


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