New York mayor warns of running out of medical supplies in the city within a week

New York Mayor Bill de Palasio warned of a terrifying scenario awaiting the city, in which all basic and individual medical supplies will be exhausted by April 5, that is, a week from today.

De Palasio told CNN that the city faces “a sharp escalation with the passage of days…

We are witnessing an escalation we have not seen before in our lives, the only comparison 100 years ago with the Spanish flu pandemic”.

He added that with the city registering more than 30,000 confirmed cases of coronary newborn and with the number of deaths reaching 672, only the US military can respond to the crisis on the required scale.

He stressed that the city suffers from a severe shortage of respiratory devices, and there is a need to bring large numbers of military and civilian doctors and nurses to relieve the burden on the local medical staff who are suffering from stress.

On the recent dispute with US President Donald Trump about imposing a quarantine on the city, Palasio said: “I want to know whether to bring breathing apparatus, personal protective equipment, and life-saving doctors and nurses here in New York… This is the standard for me”.


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