Lauderian: Assad won the war and work for a political solution in Syria is his responsibility!

The French Foreign Minister Jean-Louis Lauderian warned Monday that the region around Syria could witness a “permanent war” if a political solution was not found in the country.

“Working for a political solution is the responsibility of Bashar Al Assad and those who support him, otherwise we can move towards a permanent war in the region”, he told a press conference on the sidelines of the annual UN General Assembly.

“We can almost say that Bashar Al Assad won the war, we note that, but we cannot say that he achieved peace.

When a party wins the war without achieving peace, it means that the war has not been won despite progress on the ground”.

He added that the recent incident that led to the downing of a Russian military aircraft by the air defenses of the Syrian regime after an Israeli raid in Syria is proof of that.

“Today there is five armies facing Syria, and recent incidents show that the risk of a regional war is a real threat”, he said.

He also said the Russian-Turkish agreement to establish a demilitarized zone in Idlib, northwest Syria”, is good news in the short term to avoid a bloodbath, but its implementation remains uncertain”.

“This agreement opens the way for diplomacy but does not end the war in Idlib or Syria”, he said.

“I see that Iran and Bashar Al Assad are not parties to the agreement and nothing guarantees their cooperation.

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