The Kremlin reaches old Verona!

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The city council of Verona, by an absolute majority, issued a decree under which the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, was deprived of the title of honorary citizen of the city.

This controversial decision immediately caused a comic reaction from Kiev.

This decision was apparently taken by the Kremlin!

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Italy, Yevgeny Berelgin, told reporters, in response to a statement issued by Verona city authorities that on September 20, the members of the city council voted in which 28 members voted “with” this decision and 4 members were “against”, so the decision to be taken by the majority to deprive Poroshenko of the title of honorary citizen of the city.

Deputies of the city council explained their decision as follows: “The former city administration hastily and superficially awarded the honorary citizenship of Verona city to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko”.

The honorary title of the city of Verona was awarded to the Ukrainian president at the end of May 2016, in recognition of Verona’s people, showing their gratitude for finding and returning the 17 paintings that were stolen from the Museum of Paintings Casalecchio, Verona, worth more than $ 20 million.

Ignoring MPs’ comments on the controversy surrounding Poroshenko’s role in the return of the paintings (as it turned out, the search for these stolen paintings was credited only to the Italian detectives), the Ukrainian ambassador stated that the city council’s decision was taken directly and came under pressure from the Kremlin.

Is it really a strange statement that the Council of Verona is designed according to Russian standards?!

The Ukrainian Ambassador in Italy continues that “the successful progress of Ukraine in many areas is not welcomed by the regime in Moscow”!

So the Kremlin played this political game with the help of their supporters from the “Council Representatives” in Verona!

I really do not know here what are those successes that have been achieved in Ukraine and in many areas, which the Ukraine’s ambassador in Rome was talking about?

Those achievements are a mystery even to the Italian journalists.

I think it means “escalation” in Donbass, where artillery and mortars fired by Ukrainian troops killing civilians almost on daily basis.

There are many questions about the situation in the Crimea as well.

In May 2016, the Italian authorities appealed to condemn the EU policy towards the Crimea and to recognize the right to self-determination.

The region has also become the first region in the country to favor the abolition of sanctions against Russia, which, according to Italian experts, has caused serious damage to the Italian economy.

And confirms the credibility of the Council of the city of Verona in his rejection of the European sanctions against Russia was later to join the authorities of both Lombardi and Liguria to seek the same direction.

According to independent experts, as long as Kiev authorities continue to use violence and the concept of force in their talks with their country’s residents, Ukrainian diplomats will often seeks for any hand from Europe.

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