Turkish newspaper “Yeni Akit”, said that, a US sides opposed to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria, provided the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units in northern Syria, a large batch of modern weapons.

The batch includes “large quantities” of anti-tank missiles “Javelin” and “Tow”, and is expected to be used by Kurdish fighters against Turkish tanks preparing to enter the area of ​​Manbij north of Syria soon.

According to the newspaper, the Turkish special forces units are now looking for the places where these weapons were stored in Manbij area, delaying the Turkish army launched a military operation in the region.

Other sources didn’t confirm the authenticity of the report, but it is no secret that the international coalition led by Washington continues to provide military and material support to Syria’s democratic forces, whose Kurdish units are the backbone of its struggle against the last pocket of ISIS in southern Syria’s Deir Al Zour.

Syrian activists have posted a video that they said showed Coalition aid access to SDF through Iraqi Kurdistan recently.

Turkey had earlier hinted that the Kurdish forces had Javelin and Tow missiles, although the Pentagon denied the missiles were being delivered to Kurdish units or any other forces operating in Syria as part of the international coalition’s mission to fight ISIS.

During his visit to Turkey, senior US Senator Lindsey Graham confirmed the existence of a plan to transfer Kurdish unit fighters “away from the Turkish border”.

He also called for Washington to return heavy weapons it had already provided to the Kurdish factions.

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