US President Donald Trump flew to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Saturday to receive the coffins of four Americans killed in a suicide bombing in northern Syria.

Trump announced the trip in a tweet before dawn.

The suicide bombing in Manbij and the killing of four Americans comes as the US president is in a battle with Democrats in Congress that led to a partial closure of the government for nearly a month.

“I will leave for Dover to be with the families of four very special people who lost their lives in the service of our country”, Trump said.

Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving that he intended to meet the families of the dead on a mission he described as “the most difficult thing he could do as president”.

The Dover base is a traditional place to greet the coffins of American soldiers killed abroad.

According to claim of responsibility of this suicide attack that killed the four Americans, the Islamic State organization was behind it.

Trump announced last December that he planned to withdraw US troops from Syria quickly, but said since then that the withdrawal would not be quickly in an effort to secure the security of his Kurdish allies in northern Syria who face the possibility of being attacked by Turkey.

Trump told reporters on Saturday that his policy for Syria had made progress, but more work was still needed to destroy ISIS, while defending his plans for withdrawal.

“Our policy is going very well, but when I came to office, the situation was completely confusing, but you had to ask yourself: we’re killing members of ISIS for benefit of Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq and many others, at some stage, we’ve to bring our troops home.

Trump summed it up saying that, Who are we killing ISIS for? The worst enemy of Russia and Iran is ISIS.

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