Jordan and Oman hold Syrian-US negotiations aim to reach deals between the two countries


Intersecting sources revealed that a negotiations were opened between the US administration and the Syrian government.

Several meetings brought together US officials with their Syrian counterparts in Jordan and Oman.

Among the critical issues on the American table is the fate of the American journalist Austin Bennett Tice, who disappeared in Syria since 2012.

And despite the importance of this issue for the US administration, many believes in Washington that this issue is the umbrella which the US administration is sheltered under before Congress to justify conducting broad political negotiations with the Syrian government, and beside that there are several other vital issues.

On the Syrian side, there are two important issues on the negotiating table with the Americans.

The first is the withdrawal of US forces from eastern Syria and from the Syrian-Iraqi border, and the liberation of oil and gas wells and areas of agricultural land that represent a food basket for the country.

The second is the issue of severe sanctions imposed on the Syrian economy under the Caesar Act.

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