Israeli recognition of the growing strength of Hezbollah


Former Chief of Staff in the Israeli army, Gadi Eisenkot, spoke to Israeli media about Hezbollah’s strength, and said that “Hezbollah’s firepower is among the strongest in the world”.

Eisenkot indicated to the Israeli Channel 12, “a few countries in the world have the firepower that Hezbollah possesses,” stressing that “this force is not possessed by Italy, Germany, or several countries in Europe”.

At the same time, the former head of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee in the Knesset, Ofer Shelah, said that Israel strongly adheres to the red lines set by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, which isn’t to carry out attacks on Lebanese soil, and not to harm Hezbollah members.

On a daily basis, the Israeli media talks about Hezbollah’s strength and Israel fears of it.

The Israeli Makor Rishon newspaper reported about the Israeli fear of the escalation of Iran and Hezbollah’s capabilities, in exchange for the erosion of Israeli deterrence.

The report emphasized that, “After a decade in which Iran was, to a large extent, isolated and besieged, it has become a powerful and recognized regional superpower, its alliances with China and Russia causing concern, and its new love with some Arab countries disturbing”.

The report indicated that the Megiddo intersection incident, last March, and the firing of rockets from southern Lebanon, had a clear meaning, indicating that the Israeli deterrence had been eroded.

The report said, “In the event of any escalation with Lebanon, it is true that “Israel will respond with full force, but its strategic response will be weak and inappropriate”.

The report added, “Israel isn’t ready for war plans against Iran, and it’s preoccupied with news of the yellow press instead of exhaustingly engaging in the next war”.

Regarding the symbolic military maneuver carried out by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon a few weeks ago, Israeli media said that the weapon that was not displayed in the maneuver are precision missiles, and this is the problem that removes sleep from the eyes of the security and military institutions.

Last Jaunary, the Jerusalem Post revealed that Israeli military officials, in the majority of them, still assert that Hezbollah is the greatest threat to Israel.

Israel sees Hezbollah’s growing arsenal of precision missiles as a major strategic threat, on a par with Iran’s nuclear program.

Hezbollah elements have been increasingly active at the border in recent times, and have set up dozens of observation points, increased their patrols, and monitored and documented the movements of Israeli forces publicly.

The Israeli concern is increasing with the assurances of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on more than one occasion, the most recent of which was on the Resistance and Liberation Day, in which he stated that any major war would include all borders, and its areas and hundreds of thousands of fighters would narrow fields.

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