Israeli Minister of security at the Israeli war cabinet, Yoav Galant admitted, on Tuesday evening, that “We paid a heavy price during the battles in the Gaza Strip, despite confirmation that the Israeli army had achieved great achievements”.

Gallant made statements during his meeting at the Palmachim air base in central Israel, with soldiers from the Shaldag units (the elite forces of the Israeli Air Force) and Unit 669 (a medical evacuation worker), according to the Israeli Army Radio and the Official Broadcasting Authority.

“The Israeli army uses forces on a large scale deep in the Gaza Strip,” Gallant said.

He continued, “There are battles against the forces operating there, and the results and achievements on the battlefield are very great”.

Gallant added, “Unfortunately, there is also a cost in war, and in the last 24 hours we have paid a heavy price”.

The Israeli Defense Minister didn’t clarify what he meant by the heavy price that the army paid in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, the Israeli army announced that two soldiers were killed and others were seriously wounded in battles in the northern Gaza Strip.

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