Israeli minister: Demonstrations against Netanyahu are similar to those before the Rabin assassination and will end in bloodshed

The Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, considered that the demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “will end in bloodshed”.

During a meeting with “Israel Hume,” he said: “It will not be a civil war, but the violence is increasing with time. 

There is an atmosphere of hate in these demonstrations.

This time there are sharp divisions between the two parties. 

Divisions have always been and will be there”.

“The atmosphere of incitement that preceded the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is faded, compared to what is happening now,” said Ohana, who is known for his personal closeness to the Netanyahu family.

Supporters of the Prime Minister attacked demonstrators and journalists during the weeks of demonstrations, in protest against the deteriorating economic situation and Netanyahu’s corruption and mismanagement of the Coronavirus crisis.

The Haaretz newspaper quoted senior police officers as saying that “Ohana is trying to use the prospective appointment of the Inspector General of Police to prevent demonstrations in exchange for Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem”.

The Israeli TV channel, “Kan”, published earlier this week recordings of a meeting held last week, with the participation of Ohana, the mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leahon, police officers and members of the Jerusalem municipal council.

Ohana said during the meeting, “We cannot continue with this chaos, we cannot continue with this chaos, and I do not know how to explain to the public these demonstrations, and why we do not prevent them”.

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