Israeli media quoted what it described as a source close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that US President Joe Biden is insolent.

The Israeli Channel 13 confirmed, on Sunday evening, that the Israeli source described Biden as “insolent,” saying that even former President Barack Obama didn’t speak like that.

In turn, the Minister of National Security in the Israeli government, Itamar Ben Gvir, responded to Biden, saying that President Biden must understand that we are no longer a star in the American flag.

Addressing Biden, Ben Gvir asked, “What exactly am I extremist for? Because I think the citizens of Israel should defend themselves?”

This came as a comment on US President Biden’s description of the current Israeli government and some of its ministers as the most extremist government he has known, since the government of Golda Meir, considering that they are the basis of the problem of the West Bank, which is constantly witnessing security tensions.

Biden also said that Israeli President Isaac Herzog will visit Washington soon, but Netanyahu is currently busy with internal problems, in response to a question about whether he would invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the White House.

President Biden had confirmed, earlier, that he wouldn’t invite the Israeli Prime Minister, to visit the White House, in the near future, after the strained political relations between the Israeli government and the Biden administration against the background of the judicial amendments and the widespread protests witnessed by the occupation entity.

Last May, Israeli media reported on hidden American support for the demonstrations against Netanyahu, and the Minister of Justice in the occupation government, Yariv Levin, accused the US administration of supporting the demonstrations refusing to make changes in the judicial system.

A leaked video, posted by the Israeli Wala website, showed Levin explaining, during a meeting with a Jewish group, the reasons for the failure to pass the judicial amendments until this moment, and he mentioned among those reasons what he said was “the support of the US administration for the movement against the introduction of these amendments”.

Axios website previously mentioned that US-Israeli relations are going through an integrated crisis, months after Netanyahu’s return to the prime minister’s office.

In the same context, the Foreign Policy newspaper described the current relationship between the United States and Israel as no longer logical, and the Israeli Haaretz newspaper published an article by the writer and political advisor, Alon Pinkas, in which he talked about the US complaint about Netanyahu, and the procedures he follows in Israel.

Last February, the head of the Israeli opposition, Yair Lapid, warned that Israel might lose the United States because of the Israeli government’s actions and judicial amendments.

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