Israel: A US green light for Israel to sell its Arrow 3 missiles system to Germany and NATO countries


The Israeli Kan TV, said on Saturday night that the US administration gave Israel the approval to sell Arrows 3 missiles to Germany.

The Israeli Kan TV said that there has been significant progress in the selling process of the Israeli made Arrows 3 missiles, to Germany and other friendly countries in NATO.

The United States gave Israel the green light to complete the deal, and that it would also allow NATO countries to use the capabilities of the Israeli missile defense system.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, may announce that deal during his visit to Berlin later this month.

The Israeli Aerospace Industries has announced multiple times that it’s close to concluding an arms deal with Germany worth 2.5 billion Euros, described as the largest in the history of Israeli security exports, a deal that includes the provision of the Arrow 3 interceptor air system.

This Israeli missiles system is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere and in space, and a deal that comes within the framework of Germany’s dramatic change in its military concept of national security.

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