The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Major General Hussein Salami, said that Hezbollah had acquired capabilities in Syria that would destroy Israel alone in any possible war.

Salami said in press statements on Wednesday that the negotiation with the United States, the logic of the Iranian people forgot and removed from his mind, noting that: “All the uttering the enemy is a recipe to defeat us”.

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that: “Negotiation is a trick and not a way to resolve, and the enemy increases the pressure and demands during the dialogue and seeks to impose surrender on us”.

He said: “The policy of the enemy in the region led to increase the influence of Iran and the formation of a united front in front of the Zionist entity”, and continued: “The enemy wanted to limit Iran’s regional influence by imposing a conspiracy on the region”.

Major General Hussein Salami said that “Iran will be before the enemy reaches anywhere, and we’ll not allow the region to be a place to tour as he wants”.

He said that the formation of popular forces in Iraq and the defeat of US policy in Yemen is a mistake of Washington’s policy with Tehran, adding: “With steadfastness, we’ll eliminate poverty in Iran and develop our military and defense capabilities”.

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