US President Donald Trump said on Monday he knew “a lot” about Thursday’s mysterious explosion at a Russian military base, saying the United States had a weapon similar to the one likely to have caused the explosion, in a piece of information that a leading US weapons expert rushed to deny.

“The United States knows a lot about the missile explosion in Russia”, Trump tweeted.

We’ve similar, albeit more sophisticated, technology.

The explosion of the damaged Russian missile, Skyfall, has raised public concerns about the air surrounding the facility and beyond… not good!”.

But US arms expert Joe Cirincione was quick to deny Trump’s announcement that the United States had a missile similar to the Russian missile.

“This is weird”, the president of the Blue shares fund, the organization that advocates nuclear disarmament in the world, said in a tweet on Twitter.

We don’t have a nuclear-powered cruise missile program”.

“We tried to build one, in the 1960s, but the attempt was very delirious, unworkable and very cruel even for those years of the Cold War of nuclear madness”.

According to US arms experts, last Thursday’s blast was probably linked to tests of a nuclear-powered winged missile called Russia 9M730 “Borivistink”, one of the new weapons that President Vladimir Putin described at the beginning of the year as “invincible”.

NATO calls it the SSC-X-9 Skyfall.

Four days after the explosion that killed at least five people, Russian authorities acknowledged on Monday that the incident was linked to experiments on “new weapons”.

The head of Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency, Rosatom, said on Monday that the five experts who died in the blast were working to develop “new weapons”, vowing to continue tests “to the end”, despite the incident.

The incident occurred Thursday at a military facility in the Arctic on the coast of the White Sea, but Russian authorities waited until Saturday to admit that it is nuclear.

The explosion caused a brief rise in radioactivity.

During the Cold War, Sarov was a secret research center known as Arzamas-16, where the first Soviet nuclear weapons were made.

Today, Sarov remains a closed city that is only accessible to those with private licenses.

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