Informed sources in Idlib revealed that a large number of local leaders in the organizations of Hayat Tahrir Al sham and Jaish Al Izzah, in recent days have moved their family members and their belongings, from different areas of Idlib province and northern Hama countryside towards the Turkish border in order to escape to Turkish territory.

The sources said that a state of confusion and collapse erupted in the ranks of the two organizations after the lightning operations carried out by the Syrian army in the countryside of Hama and Idlib, which resulted in the liberation of many towns and strategic hills, pointing out that severe differences took place between the two organizations amid the exchange of treason and accusations between them of failing to progress Syrian army”.

The sources pointed out that a meeting held by senior leaders of the two organizations on Sunday at a headquarters belonging to the “Hayat Tahrir Al Sham” in Idlib city, during which great differences broke out and exchanged treason between the two communities, after accusing local leaders of employment for the “Syrian government” as a justification for the loss of terrorist organizations in many villages and towns.

Northern Hama countryside and southern and southeastern Idlib countryside.

On the other hand, local sources in Idlib confirmed that the terrorist factions of the “Islamic Party of Turkistan” have strengthened their positions in some villages of Jisr Al Shughour and prevented the entry of local militants to the villages they control after several liquidation operations against dozens of Chinese, Uzbek, Chechen and Belgian militants after the announcement of a ceasefire.

Sources pointed out that the leaders of the Turkestan Party ordered the deployment of checkpoints and intensified security on the outskirts of their settlements and areas of control within the borders of the “Chinese Principality” extended in the southwestern countryside of Idlib and Latakia, northeast of Turkey, adjacent to the Turkish border.

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