In an announcement that surprised many international circles, the commander of the Navy forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, announced the production of an anti-laser weapon to counter the American laser weapon.

“We’re currently working on it and there is a suitable weapon to counter US laser weapons, March “.

“The submarine that we’re working on is a Med-jet types, which is more advanced than the Ghadir submarine, such as the Light Submarine or the Persian Gulf, which is being developed by the submarine”, Rear Admiral Tangsiri said in an interview with the Iranian “Tasnim” news agency.

Its production today in the Iranian Ministry of Defense, certainly one of our demands is to provide us with two submarines of light and the Persian Gulf.

“These submarines are equipped with torpedoes and must be equipped with surface-to-surface cruise missiles, and the first use of cruise missiles was Nasr by the IRGC naval forces”, he said.

Rear Admiral Tangsiri pointed to the ability of the floating craft industry by the Navy, stressing the manufacture of patrol boats and rocket launches in the naval forces of the Revolutionary Guards.

“We’ve modeled an offshore ship of the Ain Katt (Martyr Nazari) and intend to manufacture a 65-meter vessel with missiles, torpedoes and carrying capacity”, he said.

Rear Admiral Tangsiri concluded that, “These missiles are at the disposal of the Revolutionary Guard’s space forces, and if there is a need to use them, we will use them, and we have a plan to use better types of these missiles”.

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