According the British Sunday times newspapers, members of the Islamic state are “very upset and angry with high disappointed” because their leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, disappeared in the desert instead of taking part in the last battle of the organization in the town of Al Baghouz, in eastern Syria.

In a report published on its website on Sunday, the Sunday times said that fighters of the organization had surrendered to SDF, expressed their anger at their leader calling the absentee, as advanced forces approached the last part of the organization’s territory , An area of ​​about half a square mile (1.295 km 2) in the Syrian Euphrates valley.

According to the newspaper, interviews with ISIS members, as they appeared to be local leaders of the Islamic State, fighters and Western officials (unnamed) revealed a sense of “deep internal disappointment” from the alleged caliph, resulting in splits within the organization.

“Al Baghdadi is hiding somewhere and the people are angry”, said Mohammed Ali, a Canadian member of the Islamic State organization, whose is been captured with his family by the Syria Democratic Forces.

Several local, regional and Western officials told the newspaper that they don’t believe Al Baghdadi is in the last part of the so called the Islamic State’s territory.

In Al Anbar, western Iraq, a desert province, officials said the leaders of the Islamic state organization had “encouraged” family ties.

Since the declaration of what he called the “state of the caliphate” of the mosque “Nuri” Mosul in a speech photographer in the summer of 2014, didn’t appear Al Baghdadi in other video recordings of the organization.

But issued a number of blurred voice messages urging his followers to stay strong.

Last recorded in August last year, he called on the organization’s supporters to attack Westerners with guns, bombs and knives, believed to have been recorded in previous weeks.

His absence caused deep divisions within the dilapidated “Khilafah state”.

Al Baghdadi is believed to have been seriously wounded in an air strike in 2015 and has reportedly died several times, although many Western and regional security officials believe he is still alive.

After losing control of the area east of the Euphrates, only a few places in the desert remained within the Syrian government control areas.

In mid-February, US-backed SDF reached an agreement to surrender the Islamic State elements trapped inside a small enclave in his last stronghold of Al Baghouz in Deir Al Zour province.

Hundreds of members of the extremist organization handed themselves over and were transferred to the oil field, which US forces take as a base.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump announced the tightening of US-backed forces in Syria, taking control of 100 percent of the territory under the control of the Islamic state.

The organization is currently limited to some farms in parts of the Syrian desert, east of the country, administratively subordinate to the province of Homs (central), surrounded by the regime forces from each side.

The number of elements of the organization in the mentioned areas about 1500, including elements has been evacuated from Raqqa and Deir Al Zour, under agreements with SDF during the past two years.

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