Information on the agreement regarding Idlib operation

Information appeared to the public through a number of media outlets that talking about a reaching agreement to liquidate Idlib to end the presence of terrorists in the region has already been reached in the past 24 hours after Turkey’s approved the military operation, which will be in stages, and will start in the first phase of the villages of at rural of Latakia and Jisr Al Shaghur and The Al Ghab hill at the countryside of Hama.

The source said that Russia asked Ankara to resolve its position because the time is not on the interest of all with the continued arrival of Americans to the region.

The source added that Turkey informed the Russian side of its approval for the first phase of the military operation, which has not been set zero hour to date.

The source added that Turkey conveyed to the Russian side the approval of the “Sham Liberation Organization” also known as HTS (Al Nusra Front) to resolve itself and requested a short time to announce it.

The source didn’t comment on a Russian response on this matter, but stressed that Turkey has agreed on arrangements for the civilian refugees of Idlib.

The source pointed out that the military units will receive orders in the coming hours to prepare for the battle there.

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