They did it twice … Is it going to happen for a third time?

By: Caucasus Patriot


McCain is dead… a brain cancer patient!

Certainly I don’t feel Gloat about the death concept, although I don’t have sympathy for McCain at all.

John McCain had a very destructive role in many issues, especially Syria.

Sen. John McCain was one of the hawks in Washington who instigated incitement.

Since the days of former President Barack Obama & then Donald Trump elected, his positions have remained hard-line & are almost as mad as he always act.

The man came to Syria several times, sneaking from the wide open borders, thanks to Turkey, where he did enter just like all the terrorists who entered Syria through the first four years of the Syrian War.

It’s more than enough to see his pictures with number of fighters and so-called “opposition FSA fighters” who fought the Syrian government, also you can find a long list of terrorists figures, all are known in all countries of the world and even the US administration itself who classified most of them at terrorism lists.

In fact, the US administration should’ve been added John McCain himself to the terrorism lists.

Ironically, McCain’s killer was brain cancer.

Thanks to Cancer who chose McCain’s brain without any other body organ to kill him through.

I really thank cancer … It was a proven theory to chose the Brain of John McCain.

Despite that, I’ll return and say there is no happy feeling towards the new s of death, because death as fact is the ultimate lesson god teaches all creatures by the meaning of right & wrong.

Today, the world is watching the massive mobilization in preparation for the battle o Idlib, which can be called the last battle in the seven-year Syrian war.

The Syrian army alongside its allies backed by Russia are preparing to direct the final blow to the last spot where the largest incubator of global terrorism is located, even more than Afghanistan itself.

There is no doubt that the next battle, which is approaching the announcement of its starting signal will be decisive after the previous battles in several areas in Syria.

We cannot predict how things will take place, we have heard threats, mobilizing & analyzes before the battles of Aleppo, Homs, Eastern Ghouta & Daraa, It may not be overstated to say that Idlib’s fate will not be different given the talks that are taking place at least between Russia, Turkey, the presence of Iran as well, with the agreement reached at the Helsinki Summit Between Russian President Vladimir Putin & US President of Donald Trump, who is fighting its internal problems & scandals that may destroy him for good.

As soon as the start of Idlib’s battle began, voices & information emerged again about the representation of a new chemical weapons attack, likely to be similar to the previous two.

American threats and the announcement that the US-led West would strike Damascus if “chemical weapons were used in Idlib” were put out.

Turkey, for its part, continued its media statements expressing its concern & dissatisfaction with the fight against Idlib & has taken some steps on the ground to reassure the parties in Idlib, which is in charge of it.

But what is being said in public is something & what is going on behind the closed doors is another thing.

Turkey is facing an economic war from the United States & the problems are growing.

Even the militias that are fighting under its supervision & control in the north of Syria & Afrin are fighting among themselves & the areas under their control is suffering from chaos & insecurity.

From the principle of logical analysis, how will Turkey cover Idlib, which is unable to control things in the northern regions of Syria & Afrin.

Today the declared American war is directed at the three countries of Astana: Russia, Turkey & Iran, is it a coincidence?

Isn’t it right for the three countries in terms of logic to at least cooperate or even reach the level of real alliance against the real enemy that pose a threat against the three countries & their interests?

The Battle of Idlib may not be as it expected, it may be resolved quickly with a tripartite agreement & it’s not at all unlikely that the agreement has been reached already.

The Turkish foreign minister visit to Moscow, accompanied by the Turkish defense minister & head of Turkish intelligence, is no accident.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem will also be in Moscow a few days later.

The truth is that what I can call (by accident) is getting stronger these days.

The war in Syria, the crisis that caused the divergence of interests & differences among the countries of the region, will be the same that will reunite them again so that the war can be ended finally, with restore the tranquility that people dream again for the country, everyone has it especially in economic terms & frankly, it is no longer possible to continue a spiral that doesn’t lead to a fruitful result.

The war has been decided & the interests of the countries of the region must be taken into account.

In conclusion, I hope that the chemical representation will not be repeated for a third time.

I don’t think that in the event that it happened, Syria would just deal with missiles attacking, Syria might respond not just defend.

Syria might hit a place that the entire world is working from dusk until down to be secure.

Certainly Damascus has nothing to lose anymore for defend or even Respond, if any repulsive attack occur again, even if it took place, one of its goals will be rescue Trump & put him out of his troubles!

For us, people of peace & logic, all what we want are to end the war of course & to work together with the efforts of the whole world, which is failed to resolve the crisis for seven years.

Indeed, the roles of many countries of the world were very negative, yet the mind has a place & wisdom to act together to put an end to the Syrian tragedy.

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