Economic data published on Friday, showed that the rate of consumer price inflation in France declined in July to its lowest level in about a year and a half, mainly due to the decline in energy costs.

At the same time, another official report showed that producer (wholesale) prices continued to decline during last June.

The consumer price index rose during this July by 4.3% annually, compared to 4.5% in June.

At the same time, the index reading during the current month came at its lowest level since February 2021, when it increased by only 3.6%.

The new decline in the inflation rate came thanks to the new annual decline in energy prices and the slowdown in the rate of increase in food and manufactured goods prices.

On a monthly basis, consumer prices stabilized during July at the same level as in June, which recorded a monthly increase of 0.2%.

The annual inflation rate in France during the current month, according to the unified index of the European Union, was 5%, compared to 5.3% during the previous month.

The monthly inflation rate was 0%, compared to 0.2% in June.

In a separate report, the Bureau of Statistics stated that the wholesale price index declined in June by 1.1% per month, after declining by 1.5% in May.

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