The President of the executive board of the Democratic Syria Council, Ilham Ahmed, has expressed readiness to hold talks with Turkey after meeting US President Donald Trump.

“It is essential to end the conflict between us and Turkey”, Ahmed told a seminar at the Middle East Research Center in Washington, adding that “we are not a party to the conflict in Turkey”.

This time, a senior official of the Syrian Democratic Council is calling for talks with the Turkish side, according to the network.

“The Americans want to play a role to start a dialogue or resolve the issues between us and Turkey”.

“At least, the launch of this invitation from Washington by talking to Turkey in certain circumstances should be acceptable to us.

In my opinion, this matter must be carefully studied and listened to”, Charles Lester, a researcher at the Middle East Institute, quoted as saying.

This time, it is not in our interest, these negotiations will be the most complicated and fraught with obstacles, but we must work to make them succeed, and we can say that it is in the interest of all, the Syrian Democratic forces and the United States and the international coalition.

Ahmed also told the network that “there is no acceptance on the US withdrawal from Syria in general”, adding that “there are serious attempts to reconsider or amend the resolution”.

“Syria’s democratic forces are not Marxist, as some critics in the West claim, and it is not a Kurdish national force aimed at creating an independent state, but rather for self-rule within a decentralized, democratic Syria”.

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