The majority of Republicans in the US Senate supported the amendment by Sen. Mitch McConnell, who defied President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan.

During the initial vote in the Senate, the amendment to the Middle East Policy Law won 68 votes in favor of the 23-member Council.

The amendment says that the operations of ISIS in Syria and Afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to the United States, and warns that the withdrawal of US forces from the two countries will allow terrorists to redeploy and destabilize areas of vital importance and “will create a void that may be filled by Iran and Russia,” Will reflect negatively on the interests of the United States and its allies.

Although Thursday’s vote does not give the McConnell Amendment the force of law and does not prevent Trump from moving ahead with his plans, US newspapers suggest it is a sign of dissatisfaction with Trump’s policies in the Middle East and strong opposition to his plans to withdraw troops from Syria and reduce the number Troops in Afghanistan in half.

From his part, US President Donald Trump said Friday it was time to withdraw his troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Trump, tweeted, pointed out that the United States spends annually $ 50 billion in Afghanistan.

“I inherited an overwhelming chaos in Syria and Afghanistan, endless wars, unlimited spending and death”.

Trump noted that during his election campaign, “I strongly said that these wars should end in the end.

We spend $ 50 billion a year in Afghanistan.

We hit them so hard that we are talking about peace after 18 years”.

“Syria remained burdened with the organization of the state until it came to power”, the US president said.

Soon we will be destroying the caliphate 100 percent, but we will watch them closely”.

“Now is the time to start returning home, and spend our money wisely after many years”.

This came after the US Senate on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to discuss a legal amendment strongly opposed to the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

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