Hundreds of doctors, psychiatrists and paramedics in the ranks of the Israeli army reservists announced the suspension of their military service in protest against the plan for judicial changes.

These doctors sent messages to the Military Medicine Forum, as the forum intends to transmit these messages as soon as possible to the Israeli army commanders, so that they can understand the situation.

In a statement, the forum called on the government to stop the legislative process with the aim of preventing irreversible damage to the medical unites in the IDF.

Last night, several hundred opponents of the plan to change the judicial system demonstrated in front of the personal home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Caesarea.

Two demonstrations also organized in front of Prime Minister home in Jerusalem and the US Embassy building in Tel Aviv.

In the context, hundreds of people participated in demonstrations in twelve cities across the United States, calling on US President Joe Biden not to compromise on democracy in Israel.

Among these cities are Washington, New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

Protest organizers said the Netanyahu government didn’t represent the Israeli public.

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