Washington: The bill against normalization with Syria reaches the US Senate


On Friday, July 14, the American Alliance for Syria announced the submission of the anti-normalization bill with Syria to the US Senate.

The coalition said in a statement, “The coalition is pleased to announce the completion of the second major step in the bill passing the anti-normalization law with Syria for the year 2023, by way of a parallel version of the bill for the first time in the US Senate, without any change to the final draft”.

The statement added that the bill was first introduced in the US House of Representatives on May 11, and the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives approved it unanimously, after only two working days from the date of its introduction, quickly beyond legislative norms.

The statement continued, “Today, we are pleased that the Senate version was also presented very quickly, to send the same message again that the US Congress is serious about opposing normalization and normalization, and in banning recognition of any Syrian government headed by the Syrian president Bashar al Assad”.

The bill prohibits the US federal government from recognizing or normalizing relations with any government in Syria under the rule of the Syrian president, who is subject to US sanctions.

The bill also expands the Caesar Act sanctions.

The bill also warns countries such as Türkiye and the Arab states that if they engage with the Syrian regime, they could face severe consequences.

The Arab foreign ministers agreed, in their consultative meeting held in Cairo, on May 7, on the return of Damascus to the League of Arab States, and the resumption of the participation of Syrian government delegations in the League’s meetings.

The Syrian President Bashar al Assad also participated in the last Arab summit held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In parallel, meetings are taking place between Turkish, Iranian and Russian delegations, in the presence of Syria, to normalize relations between Ankara and Damascus.

However, the United States criticized normalization with Syria and warned against it.

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