Hamas holds Washington responsible for the self-immolation of an US army Pilot Aaron Bushnell


On Monday, Hamas movement held the administration of US President Joe Biden responsible for the death of a soldier who set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC, as protect, denouncing the genocide carried out by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Scenes of Aaron Bushnell, 25, setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, spread on social media.

Hamas said in a statement, “The administration of US President Biden bears full responsibility for the death of US Army pilot Aaron Bushnell, due to its policy that supported the Zionist entity in its war of extermination against our Palestinian people”.

Hamas explained that Bushnell gave his life to shed light on the Zionist massacres and ethnic cleansing against our people in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas expressed its condolences and solidarity with the family and friends of the US pilot.

Hams said, “The US pilot Aaron Bushnell immortalized his name as a defender of human values ​​and the oppression of the Palestinian people who were oppressed by the US administration and its unjust policies, as was the American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by a Zionist bulldozer in Rafah in 2003”.

Hamas added that Rafah “is the same city that Bushnell paid with his life to put pressure on his country’s government to prevent the criminal Zionist army from attacking it and committing massacres and violations there”.

On March 16, 2003, American human rights activist Rachel Corrie confronted an Israeli massacre with her unarmed body, refusing to demolish the homes of citizens in Gaza, but she died under the massacre, becoming an “icon” of global solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Hamas continued, “The heroic pilot Aaron Bushnell will remain immortal in the memory of our Palestinian people and the free people of the world, and a symbol of the spirit of global human solidarity with our people and their just cause”.

Hamas pointed out that, “the tragic accident that cost Pilot Bushnell his life is an expression of the growing state of anger among the American people who reject their country’s policy that contributes to the killing and extermination of our people, and who reject their government’s infringement on universal human values, by providing cover to ensure the escape of the entity and its Nazi leaders, a punishment and accountability”.

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