The first Israeli girl to be imprisoned for the refusal to be conscripted to the army to fight in the Gaza Strip


Sophia Orr (18) is likely to be the first Israeli girl to face imprisonment for refusing military service due to her political beliefs.

In previous statements, Sophia stated, “On the date of my enlistment, which falls on February 25, I will refuse conscription and accept military imprisonment, because I refuse to participate in the policies of oppression and racist violence that Israel imposes on the Palestinian people, especially in light of the current situation and conflict”.

Sophia received death and rape threats and was accused of treason because of her stance, and her friends described her as a self-hating Jew.

She said in an interview with The Times newspaper, “Terrible things have happened in Israel, but there are also terrible things happening in Gaza, and I feel sorry for everyone”.

In same context, another Israeli young man, Tal Mitnick, (18), was sentenced to 30 days in prison for refusing to enlist after the war on Gaza, as he described the aggression as “a campaign of revenge against Hamas and the Palestinian people”.

Mitnick had entered the recruitment center in Tel Hashomer with a group of young men opposed to military service to announce their rejection of conscription, indicating their lack of conviction in the war on Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

“I don’t wish to participate in continued repression and bloodshed, but I wish to work directly to find a solution,” he said in his refusal letter.

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