German media revealed new information about the German officer, who was arrested earlier on charges of espionage for Russia.

A report by the German Bild newspaper said that the officer in the German Foreign Intelligence Service, “Karsten L.,” provided classified information about the situation in Ukraine to Russia.

According to the investigations, the accused, who was detained a week ago, “was blackmailed by Russia,” according to what the newspaper quoted from security services.

According to the report, “Karsten L” worked as a senior employee in the top-secret “technical reconnaissance” department of the German Federal Intelligence Service.

It’s suspected that he gained access to all contact data obtained by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) through wiretapping around the world.

It is also suspected that he provided information received from friendly secret services, especially from the United States and Britain, to the Russians, which is considered a disaster for the relations of the German Foreign Intelligence Service with the agencies of other countries.

The German officer appeared last Thursday before the investigating judge in Karlsruhe, who ordered a protest pending investigation, and information says that his sentence may reach life imprisonment if the charges are proven.

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